Stressless Yoga

Julie has developed a style of yoga, based on Hatha with a Shivananda influence, which she calls Stressless Yoga. The idea is that you accept the ability of your body right now and dont get stressed about what you can or cant DO! This doesnt mean that you dont try to improve your postures, but you dont beat yourself up about what you cant do, but focus more on what you CAN DO.

The word Yoga means Union – the bringing together of the mind and the body.

Hatha means the union of the Sun and the Moon – the male and female elements – thereby balancing the body. Stressless Yoga incorporates breathing into the asanas and the breath is the link between the mind and body. By paying attention to the breath during posture work one can develop an awareness of our spiritual nature.

Julie encourages this of her students by spending time in relaxation and meditation at the beginning and end of yoga sessions. She is also interested in Mantra yoga. Through the practice of Hatha Yoga, bodies will become stronger and more flexible and the ever turning mind will learn to still and be calm.

Julie’s spiritual name is Shraddha, meaning ‘faith within yourself’ and she has made a Stressless Yoga CD which can be purchased soon.

REGULAR STRESSLESS YOGA CLASS in Clanfield, Hampshire Suitable for beginners & intermediate

CLANFIELD, WATERLOOVILLE Clanfield Memorial Hall, South Lane, Clanfield PO8

Monday Morning 10.00 -11.30am

a great way to start the week.

This classes is suitable for mixed ability students. Encouraging her concept of Stressless Living, the emphasis is on breathing, posture work and relaxation.

For more information call Julie on: 07973 164 369 or e-mail

Indian Head Massage
Julie holds an ITEC Diploma in Indian Head Massage.

Indian Head Massage includes the massage of the upper back, neck, shoulders, scalp and face. It is based on the traditional form of head massage practised in India for over 1,000 years. This therapy is sometimes referred to as ‘Champissage’, a Hindi word meaning ‘Head Massage’ from which the word ‘shampoo’ is derived. It is a simple, safe and highly effective therapy. It requires no undressing or use of oil and so it can easily be performed in the workplace without you even having to leave your chair! Highly effective therapy and can help to relieve tension headaches, stress, tiredness, tight muscles. It improves circulation and leaves the client with a feeling of well being.

Stressless & Positive Living

Julie runs Stressless & Positive Living courses and workshops bringing together her skills as a yoga teacher, laughter and happiness coach. These sessions incorporate yogic breathing and breath awareness, relaxation, personal energy awareness, positive psychology and laughter and happiness .

Learning to live in a more stress free way allows you to take control of your emotions, rather than your emotions controling you. As a result you become calmer and happier with yourself and your life. A six week course is recommended for full benefit.

6 week Stressless & Positive Living Course

Monday evenings 6.30 – 8.00pm in Clanfield

Dates for 2018 TBA

Now in its tenth  year after successfully running at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Staff with wonderful results, this 6 week course will give you the skills to be more in control of your emotions, and therefore your life.

You will learn breathing, visualisation, meditation, stretching and laughter techniques to reduce stress and learn to still your mind with Mindfulness Based Stress Release techniques

If you are feeling tired you will learn how to energise. If you are feeling hyper you will learn how to calm down. Most participants benefit from a better, deeper nights sleep, waking up ready to face the day with a smile. Quotes from latest course

“From an initial sceptic to someone who totally embraced this course! The breathing exercises will remain as part of my life forever . I left each class with a feeling of well being and feeling 2 inches taller! I feel much better able to cope with everything and know what I need to do to relax.”

Over the six weeks you will begin to lead a more relaxed, healthy and fulfilling life by being ‘in the present moment’. A commitment of 10 minutes practice at least, per day is required for the best results. Call Julie 07973 164 369 or send e mail for more information to £90.00 for 6 evenings.

Fast Track Stressless Living Day – one Day Course £90 per person

Organise a one day Stressless Living course at your home with 6 friends and you attend for FREE!  You will experience many of the benefits of the 6 week Stressless Living course and are guaranteed a fun day which will leave you feeling relaxed and could even change the way you live your life.

Stressless Living Products

Julie, using her spiritual name of Sharaddah has recorded some audio CD’s for you to listen to and relax. Listening to Sharaddah will teach you to relax and let go, allowing you to feel calm and less stressed..

NB: These are NOT DVD’s or visual recordings.  Cost includes postage.

CD1: Progressive Relaxation; Healing Garden; Golden Light; Infinite Ocean & Yoga Nidra

CD2: Smiling Healing Breath; Countryside relaxation, Moonlight Meditation, Mountain Top Relaxation & Chakra Visualisation

CD3: This Stressless Yoga CD is a typical Stressless yoga class with the following sequences :- Breath awareness; cat routine and stresless stretch out, spirit salute & mountain pose, tree, triangle and warrior pose, relaxation

Choose a package:

For more information call Julie on: 07973 164 369 or email

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