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Welcome to Laughter Yoga UK, where laughter has been our passion for the past 20 years!

Enriching Lives Through Laughter

Since its creation in 2002, Laughter Yoga UK has over 20 years of experience offering bespoke and effective Laughter Yoga workshops to businesses and teams across the UK. The core of Laughter Yoga UK’s work is empowering people to embrace positive change and communication.

Our mission is to enrich people’s lives through laughter and joyfulness by providing a holistic platform for anyone to benefit from regardless of background, age, ability or perspective.

Over the years, Laughter Yoga UK has motivated, empowered and revitalised teams and organisations to help them reach their full potential. Get in touch with our friendly team today and discover how Laughter Yoga UK’s corporate wellbeing services can enhance your workforce.

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Our Journey

For over two decades, Laughter Yoga UK has been a pioneer in delivering exceptional Laughter Yoga workshops to businesses and teams across the UK. Founded in 2002, our journey has been one of empowerment, positive change, and holistic wellbeing.

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Our Mission

At Laughter Yoga UK, our mission is to infuse lives with laughter and joy, offering an inclusive platform that transcends backgrounds, ages, abilities, and perspectives. Through our bespoke Laughter Yoga workshops, we inspire positive transformations and foster effective communication.

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Lotte Mikkelsen:
Leading the Laughter Yoga Revolution

Lotte Mikkelsen’s path is a remarkable testament to her dedication to harnessing the power of laughter. From her early entrepreneurial ventures to her current role as a Laughter Yoga Master Trainer, Lotte’s journey embodies resilience and transformative influence.

Founding Laughter Yoga UK in 2002, Lotte merged holistic therapy with laughter, fostering wellbeing. Her journey saw her pioneering daily laughter sessions by phone, coaching teams and individuals in stress management, communication, and confidence.

As the UK’s Laughter Yoga Master Trainer since 2012, she’s played a pivotal role in training teachers and spreading laughter’s benefits. With numerous accolades and affiliations, Lotte’s mission to make Laughter Yoga universally accessible continues, reflecting her compassion and expertise in enriching lives through laughter and joyfulness.

Lotte In Action

Our Journey

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Explore Lotte’s Laughter Yoga Websites

Lotte Mikkelsen’s expertise and compassion resonate through these websites, touching the lives of individuals and businesses alike. From corporate workshops to holistic wellness and personal empowerment, Lotte’s journey is an inspiring narrative of positive change through laughter.


his website serves as a gateway to corporate laughter yoga workshops and training tailored for businesses. With a focus on team-building, stress management, and communication enhancement, Laughter Yoga UK offers a unique approach to integrating laughter into the corporate world. Lotte’s expertise shines through in crafting effective programs that promote a positive work environment.

Laughter Yoga UK

Delve into the holistic realm of laughter, mental health, and overall wellbeing through this website. Here, Lotte’s passion for laughter as a holistic tool takes center stage. Beyond the corporate sphere, Laughter Yoga UK explores laughter’s profound impact on mental health and overall wellness, offering a comprehensive perspective on the benefits of laughter.

Lotte Mikkelsen

For those seeking personal growth and transformation, Lotte’s personal website is a treasure trove of resources. It’s a hub for individuals aspiring to become laughter yoga leaders, providing training and certification opportunities. Lotte’s commitment to empowering individuals to spread laughter’s joy is evident here.