Laughter Yoga in the UK was first introduced in London by Julie Whitehead who ran the first Laughter Club on Clapham Common from 2003 to 2010.

In the meantime Lotte Mikkelsen was starting her holistic business, UnitedMind, in 2002 and running laughter workshops in St Albans from 2003 followed by the start of The Laughter Club International (UK) in St Albans in 2004 which is still running on the first Sunday every month (except August).

The next big wave of Laughter Yoga in the UK was Lotte Mikkelsen’s pursuit of teaching Laughter Yoga Leaders around the country from 2007, first in St Albans and then Durham and London.

The two teamed up in 2011 and trained hundreds of individuals in London as Certified Laughter Yoga Leaders many of whom went on to start their own Laughter Clubs. Now Lotte is delivering Laughter Yoga Leader Training in London on a monthly basis together with Laughter Ambassador Colleague, Melanie Bloch.

Lotte has been a key person to bring Laughter Yoga to a rise in London and UK, and is as active as ever spreading laughter around the country.

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