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When you laugh you change...

When you laugh you change! When you change the whole world changes!

Laughter therapy and Laugther Yoga workshops are a really good way for for individuals as well as teams in organisations or private groups to find out how to incorporate laughter into life or to get a taste of what Laughter Yoga is about prior to deciding for a Laughter Yoga Training course.

Any of the open workshops offered by UnitedMind can be tailored to suit organisational requirements for further professional development within the public and private sectors.

Happy Yoga

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People who have fun get more done!

A Laughter Workshop is a great motivational structure for everyone! Laughter Yoga is a key-ingredient in all of our workshops and training programmes.

However, each workshop introduces specific techniques and details relating to the theme of the workshop, e.g. weight-loss, business building, fun, stress management, team building, improved communication, peak performance etc.

There are workshops and training events, coaching, conferences and festivals with focus on therapeutic laughter taking place all over the UK.

Lotte has a wide range of special events to invite you to book and attend whether you are an individual or an organisation, corporation, private group or charity.

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