What is a Laughter Club?

Laughter Clubs are non-profit social groups

Laughter Clubs are social clubs that are free for all anywhere in the world. We do not charge any membership fee anywhere. However, members of the club should share expenses towards hiring of venue or any equipment hire which is why you may find that there is a donation or small cost in order to cover costs. In the UK this should not exceed £10 and may be as low as £1 depending on location and running costs.

Health Benefits

Practicing Laughter Exercises is similar to aerobic exercise which brings more oxygen to the body and brain making you feel more healthy and energetic. Therapeutic laughter strengthen the immune system which not only prevents you from falling sick, but also has the potential to help recover from a variety of illnesses like hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, depression, arthritis, allergies, asthma, bronchitis, backache, fibromyalgia, migraine headaches, menstrual disorders, cancer and many others.

Find Laughter Club

To find a Laughter Club in your area please visit the Google Map of Laughter Clubs in the UK which you find on our welcome page. There are also alternative places to find Laughter Clubs, e.g. a Facebook page as well as LY International. However, the majority of Laughter Clubs in the UK are listed on the Google Map.

Start a Laughter Club

Laughter Clubs function on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and the members meet at public parks or in hired spaces such as community or church halls. If you want to start a Laughter Club, find a place in your locality where people can assemble easily during the day or early evening. In our Laugher Clubs we laugh together for about 30 minutes along with breathing and stretching exercises, and this is followed by free-flowing Laughter Session and relaxation for approximately 20 minutes.


In order to start a Laughter Club you need to be trained as Certified Laughter Leader or Certified Laughter Teacher. To find Laughter Trainings run by registered professionals in the UK please visit the official body for Laughter Professionals in the UK on Laughter Association UK.