Laughter Yoga in London and the UK

Life Energy Workshop

Laughter Yoga incorporates deep breathing techniques which are important to fully experience the refreshing elements of new oxygen brought into your lungs.

Many people suffer from anxiety, asthma, low stamina, panic attacks and other challenges related to both the physiological and the psychological effects of poor breathing – in this workshop we explore ways in which breathing becomes a source of health and longevity.

It is essential to life and to successfully performing tasks to have fresh oxygen circulating in your body.

Happy Yoga

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    Breathing And Business

    This workshop from UnitedMind focuses on breathing techniques to promote better health and longevity, as well as encourage great performance, focus and motivation at work.

    During the workshop you will learn to incorporate deep breathing into your life so it becomes second nature – something so natural you do not even think about it.

    The workshop will take you and your personal and professional life from breath to laugh to success.

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    Improving Workforce Performance For Teams & Individuals

    Breath Awareness

    Deep Breathing

    When faced with challenges people often step back and take a deep breath in order to deal with the situation.

    The Breathing Business addresses the need for this ‘power-breath’ to be present non-stop and allow for positive results to be created on-goingly.

    Slow Breathing

    Breathing slow and long slows down your heart rate and your breathing rate can drop from average 16-18 breaths per minute to 6-8 breaths per minute.

    When you slow down your heart and breathing rate you calm your whole body and stress is reduced significantly.

    Essential Breathing

    Laughter induces a high intake of oxygen. However, few people laugh without breaks but the requirement for fresh air is still there.

    Without breathing there is no life – this also applies to work places. This new and innovative workshop is designed to bring fresh air and life into business.