Laughter Yoga in London and the UK

Laughter Yoga

Workshops for Health and Happiness

With Laughter Yoga Expert Lotte Mikkelsen

When you laugh you change! When you change the whole world changes!

Laughter therapy and Laugther Yoga workshops are a really good way for for individuals as well as teams in organisations or private groups to find out how to incorporate laughter into life or to get a taste of what Laughter Yoga is about prior to deciding for a Laughter Yoga Training course.

Any of the open workshops offered by UnitedMind can be tailored to suit organisational requirements for further professional development within the public and private sectors.

A Laughter Workshop is a great motivational structure for everyone!

Corporate Laughter

Benefits of our Workplace Wellbeing Services

Laughter Yoga is a key-ingredient in all of our workshops and training programmes.

However, each workshop introduces specific techniques and details relating to the theme of the workshop, e.g. performance, fun, stress management, team building, improved communication, health impact etc.

The incredible benefits include:

Happy People

Laughter Alone Workshop

Laugh your way to success!

When things are flowing and life is jolly good laughter is readily available – but how do you laugh when you are faced with troubled and challenging times? Practicing Laughter Yoga regularly creates psychological and physiological changes that enables you to tackle stressful situation with a smile on your face.

Laughter Science

Get rid of the fixed expression created by seriousness and get your laughter lines firmly ground into your face. January is often a month full of seriousness following the jolly season’s extravaganza. Join us at this workshop where you will experience your face in different folds.

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Happy People

Breath Awareness

Life Energy Workshop

Many people suffer from anxiety, asthma, low stamina, panic attacks and other challenges related to both the physiological and the psychological effects of poor breathing. In this workshop we explore ways in which breathing becomes a source of health and longevity. It is essential to life and to successfully performing tasks to have fresh oxygen circulating.

Workshops to Benefit Your Business Skills

For Start-Up or Improvement of Your Business with Laughter Yoga

Communication Tech

Learn how to communicate powerfully and get your message across without creating conflicts. Gibberish may be the answer to your communication challenges even if it sounds like a lot of nonsense.

Learn from Lotte Mikkelsen who trained in nonsense  in 2011.

Business Experts

The purpose of the Business Experts Programme is to assist facilitators to obtain and maximise commercial opportunities that are available.

You are able to access the  real-life expertise and experience in setting up and running a successful and sustainable business.

Presentation Skills

Becoming a great Laughter Facilitator requires skills and techniques.

When you learn Laughter Yoga in 2-day Laughter Yoga Leader and Laughter Facilitator courses there is often a gap between being excited and being ready to roll out a big corporate laughter workshop plan.

How We Have Improved Businesses Like Yours!

Testimonials of Businesses we’ve helped:

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Nicolette Smith
Nicolette Smith
Fantastic experience. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Lotte and Mel are the pinacle of Laughter Yoga, they are very experienced and have a lot to offer.
Shanne Evans
Shanne Evans
Absolutely loved a whole weekend of laughing, learning and more laughing. Lotte and Mel are truly amazing and Masters of their craft. Cannot recommend them enough, let's include more laughter into our lives and those around us. The Laughter Yoga Leader training was simply brilliant.
Caz Keeping-Coventry
Caz Keeping-Coventry
Lotte delivered an incredible laughter yoga session for our Christmas conference for all our store managers at FatFace Head Office. She has fantastic communication, and nothing was ever too much trouble. The session was greatly received by all, and was a real energiser and something different for the team.
Rita Jenkins
Rita Jenkins
What made this experience so great, was meeting Lotte - she is a fireball, so much fun, and had us laughing the whole session. Very beautiful experience, and would deffo love to do it again and again. Thank you Lotte for an amazingly wonderful afternoon!!
Tallulah Tay
Tallulah Tay
Laughter Yoga training with Lotte was so much more than I had anticipated! We laughed (of course), I cried (surprisingly!) and we had an utter blast together over the two days. I'm eager to bring laughter to Leintwardine and looking at offering a taster session in June. Thank you so much Lotte, for the skilled way you shared Laughter Yoga practices with us and encouraged us to give it our all. You are a bundle of energy, making learning fun!
Tobias Oliver
Tobias Oliver
Laughter Yoga training is seriously good fun! I had a brilliant two days training to be a Laughter Yoga teacher with UnitedMind. Lotte and Mel were fantastic tutors - welcoming, knowledgeable, and supportive. I learnt so much, including the science behind why laughter is so good for our health. What's more, I have never laughed so much on a training course before! I'd strongly recommend it.
Charlotte Schuman See Naturally
Charlotte Schuman See Naturally
Great course, really recommend it, learned so much, and laughed so much, thanks Lotte!!
Mary R
Mary R
What a nice experience and a great Laughter Yoga Teacher training we had last week with Lotte and Mel. Happy to meet my colleagues and work together as a team. After the training, I come back home peaceful and willing to continue my 40-day commitment.Thank you Lotte and Mel for the energy and the learnings.
Michael Kelleher
Michael Kelleher
I recently completed my Laughter Yoga Leader and Laughter Yoga Teacher Training with Lotte and Mel. What a great experience! I would highly recommend this training, it is awesome. You get all the benefits of laughter and work with wonderful people. Lotte and Mel are skilled facilitators and get the best out of each person.

Check out all other customer testimonials and see first-hand how we can laugh your business to success!