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Laughter Yoga Is Serious Business

The purpose of the Business Experts Programme is to assist Laughter Yoga Practitioners to obtain and maximise commercial opportunities that are available by using Laughter Yoga.

Laughter Yoga Practitioners are able to access the support of a Laughter Business Expert with real-life experience in setting up a successful and sustainable business.

The program will begin with a one-day in-house or four-session online training programme that will cover:

  1. Creating a Killer BIO
  2. Improving Presentation Skills
  3. Creating a Marketing Plan
  4. Creating a Business Plan
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    Business Expert Programme Overview

    Laughter Yoga has many facets and applications. One of them is to present at conferences, to corporates, and to businesses where substantial income can be received.

    There is a need for people who wish to create a Laughter Yoga business to be able to maximise the opportunities that are now available in this area.

    This section has been developed to enable the participants to know

    1. How to present themselves to the business community in a credible way
    2. How to be able to develop and then deliver effective presentations and programs
    3. How to run a financially sustainable Laughter Yoga business
    4. How to get these opportunities through effective marketing

    Learning Outcomes

    At the end of this section you will be able to

    • Know how to create a Killer BIO
    • Know how to create and deliver paid Laughter Yoga sessions to a variety of groups
    • Know how to create and maintain a business strategy and plan
    • Know how to create a marketing plan to promote your business
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    Part 1. Creating A Killer Bio

    You are about to start your branding and it is important to know who you are.

    Part 2. Presenting

    You are getting ready to present your life’s work. Where is your focus and how can you have the greatest impact in the room.

    Part 3. Running a Business

    When you are serious about your business you understand the importance of setting goals and having a vision. This is your first step to writing your business plan that will take you beyond your dreams.

    Part 4. Marketing

    Your business plan is in the making and you are looking at the marketing fundamentals. Ensure you spend marketing budget wisely and do not waste money on expensive campaings with unsupported results.

    The Extra Information

    In the sessions you can raise and discuss issues such as...


    1. Pricing
    2. Developing products
    3. Offering a variety of programs
    4. Media training
    5. Presenting to different groups
    6. Handling difficult people and situations
    7. Research studies
    8. Customer surveys

    …to name just a few.

    Required Skills?

    Attendees will need to be experienced in and have an understanding of the following

    1. Laughter Yoga

    2. Laughter Clubs

    3. Training groups

    4. Public Speaking

    Business Experts are:

    Laughter Yoga professionals who

    1.  run a Laughter Yoga business

    2. are deriving their primary income from Laughter Yoga

    3. have done so for several years

    4. are proficient in coaching and mentoring