Laughter Yoga in London and the UK

Laughter Yoga

Healthier, Happier Communities

With Laughter Yoga Expert Lotte Mikkelsen

UnitedMind is committed to bringing laughter to the general public in the United Kingdom.

Since starting as a Laughter Yoga Training Provider in 2003 thousands of individuals have trained with us to lead Laughter Yoga Groups and many have been inspired to start public and community laughter groups around the UK and the world.

Corporate Laughter

Benefits of community laughter groups

Through our corporate wellbeing services, we clear enough emotional space to either handle whatever needs handling, or move on from the situation.

Other incredible benefits include:

Happy People

Public Sector Laughter Professionals

People Who Have Fun Get More Done!

The public sector employs many Laughter Professionals without taking full advantage of the added value they bring to the organisation.

Motivation, self-esteem, communication, productivity, inclusion – all beneficial core values to any organisation as well as individual.

There is no doubt health is everyone’s business and we need to meet the needs of the communities in a progressive and transformative way!

Working together

Together with our business partners UnitedMind deliver programmes to promote inclusion and confidence in the community, as well as in the workplace and at home.

Read more about our work with the businesses we team up with in order to encourage health and wellbeing in communities and workplaces on our Business Partner page.

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Laughter Clubs

How do they contribute to our community goals?


The laughter clubs can be developed and maintained as a major contributor to several of the aims of the Big Society plans as well as the counties’ plans for happier, healthier communities.

By training specific target groups and teaching them how to set up community groups and businesses they become an active part and co-creator of their own world.

The participants will be enabled to bring together groups of people and facilitate activities that encourage community as well as personal growth.

Support and Inspire

The aim of the Laughter Yoga Leader Training is to encourage and enable individuals to start Laughter Clubs in their communities.

By doing so they support and inspire others who may be equally challenged to embrace the changes and challenges suggested and promoted by the wider-scale ideas.

Starting a Laughter Club or Community Group is the first step towards a sense of achievement and improving self-confidence which in turn inspires people to become more active either in the community or in the workplace.

Learning Community

Through this encouragement via the training idividuals can have an impact on their own life from a confident perspective after having learned techniques to help them in dealing with adversity and challenges as well as on the groups in which they interact.

Furthermore, by bringing the laughter and learning into their community they help inspire a wider audience to be part of the community plans and effectively the execution of these.

UnitedMind is the patron of The Laughter Club International (UK) which runs in St. Albans.