Telephone Laughter Club or Skype Laughter Club

If you do not have any Laughter clubs near by your area, you can join The Telephone Laughter Club where live laughter is shared Monday to Friday.

Alternatively there are numerous Skype Laughter Clubs running around the world at times to suit anyone.

The Telephone Laughter Club 7am-7:10am

On 15th September 2008 The Telephone Laughter Club in the UK was launched.

Read the full story of the Telephone Laughter Club – it may inspire your laughter!

Since then we have shared laughter from Monday to Friday at 7:00am until 7:10am as a means to combat stress and excessive seriousness.

In January 2012 The Telephone Laughter Club became a paid for service to part-cover the running costs of the free phone 0800-number, but it has not stopped people from connecting.

There is an increase in the number of morning laughers and this is great news for the face of Great Britain.

Laughter Club fee: £30 annually for the 7am Telephone Laughter Club to cover the running costs – available to book online via UnitedMind Laughter Yoga.

Registration: Registration is essential.

  • Dial 0800 12 14 136
  • Follow the instructions
  • The ID is reset once per month
    – the new ID is emailed to subscribers only
  • NB when you dial from a mobile phone you can pre-dial with the following number to save money as 0800-numbers are not always free to call from mobile devices: 02078191800 followed by the conference call number and ID.

The Rise and Shine Laughter Line 8am-8:10am

Started by Cathy Hill in January 2016 the Rise and Shine Laughter Line laughs at 8am until 8:10am Monday to Friday.

This service is free and the conference number is provided by Globify. You should not incur any additional costs when you use this service provided you have enough free minutes on your phone payment plan if you dial in from a mobile phone.

Please contact Cathy Hill on for more information. This service is not a UnitedMind service but is completely recommended by UnitedMind as a valuable health practice.

The access details for the Rise and Shine Laughter Line are:

  • Phone number 03300 945 940
  • Room number 56226235#
  • Pin: 6589#

The Daily Giggle Channel

In June 2019 Laughter Yoga Leaders and Teachers started bringing people together on weekly Zoom conferences in a bid to create a platform for people to laugh together while not only hearing laughter but also seeing laughter.

The group promotes Zoom laughter on a page on Facebook and it is the place to find out when the calls take place.

The Daily Giggle Channel

Online and Phone Laughter Time Table

From March 2020 there are a wide range of telephone and online laughter opportunities available in the UK and around the world.

The table below lists events in the UK and will be regularly updated.

Mon-FriPhone7am10 minsTelephone Laughter ClubTel: 08001214136
Please subscribe via
Mon-FriPhone8am10 minsRise and Shine LaughterTel: 03300 945 940
Room 56226235# Pin 6589#
Mon-SatSkype7.30am15 minsSkype
(no video)
Private message Skypelaughter uk to be added to call
Mon-SatSkype8.30pm15 minsSkype
(no video)
Private message Skypelaughter uk to be added to call
WedsSkype9am15 minsNicola MurraySkype call wemurray3
SunSkype9am15 minsSkype
(no video)
Private message Skypelaughter uk to be added to call
SunSkypeHourly10 minsSkype
(no video)
Mon-FriZoom8am10 minsDaily Giggle Channel
pw chuckle
Mon-FriZoom10am20 minsSuzy HarveyTo register:
Mon-FriZoom5.30pm20 minsLifeBulb
Mon-FriZoom7pm20 minsDaily Giggle Channel
pw chuckle
Mon Zoom11am15 minsJust Laugh 15 mins with Lesley Raphael
pw Laughtime!
MonZoom12:30pmLaughter Class with Dai Alford
Mon (until 28/12)Zoom6:30pm30 minsMidwinter Laughter Yoga Sessions with Brighton Laughter Club
TuesZoom5pm20 minsMerrie Maggie
pw chuckle
TuesZoom7pm40 minsBrighton Laughter Club
pw hohohahaha
Zoom7:30pm15 minsBristol Laughter Club
pw 024922
WedsZoom10am40 minsMorag Wylie
WedsZoom6:30pm30 minsLaughter Yoga with Caroline Hales
Meeting ID: 790 7815 2736
Password: 4zuwmb
WedsZoom7pm30 minsRBK Laughter ClubRegister via
WedsZoom7pmLaughter Yoga with Norma
pw 789811
ThursZoom5pm15minsMerrie Maggie
pw chuckle
Fri Zoom11am15 minsJust Laugh 15 mins with Lesley Raphael
pw Laughtime!
Sat/Sun Zoom9am10 minsDaily Giggle Channel
pw chuckle
Sat Zoom10:30am60 minsFull Session of Laughter Yoga with Lesley Raphael
pw Laughtime!
SunZoom11am15 minsJoyful 15 mins #laughteryogawithjoe
pw 015142
SunZoom1pm30 minsThe Laughter Club (UK) (1st Sunday monthly)
pw 305815
DailyZoom6pm35 minsOnline Laughter Club
id 78512428337
pm 2Jnkm0